Tiny home / Tiny House Trailers


A common request we receive is for trailers as part of a frame kit package.

Unfortunately, we don’t supply trailers ourselves.

Manufacturers of Trailers

100’s of our tiny home frame kits have been assembled on trailers made by reputable manufacturers like these:

Be Quick

Talk to suppliers of trailers as early as possible in your project – right now there is a loooooong waiting time with most of them.

Order now and we’ll custom make a frame kit for you to fit them.

Tiny House Size

Size matters. Not only will you have to consider the space and layout for your needs, but also a few other factors. Specifically, more length means more square metres of materials. More materials mean more labour, time, and weight. More weight means you will need a heavy-duty towing vehicle.

A length over seven metres will most likely require additional axles and tires.

Finally, you’ll want to consider the impact length will have on where you can park your tiny home.  Trailers can be quite long, we’ve had some delivered to our factory that have been 12M long.

This is not to discourage you from buying bigger. No way! Tiny houses don’t have to be so tiny at all. It is just to help guide you to the best decision for you. Overall, if you plan to stay settled in one place for a long period of time, a larger trailer will work out. If you plan on traveling, living incognito, and/or living urban, the smaller the better.

Tiny Home Trailers & Suppliers
Trailers delivered to our factory where we erect the framing.

A lot of the information that can be learned about selecting a trailer in New Zealand is in this NZTA document. It contains all the specifications for light simple trailers. It specifies maximum weights, lengths, widths, and more. These are the limits you are up against when it comes to maximising the space of your tiny house.

Trailers for tiny houses
Tiny home frames being delivered by us to a site with a trailer ready.

Maximum Weight for Trailers

For a light trailer, the maximum gross vehicle mass (GVM) is 3,500kg. This is the combined weight of the trailer and the load it is carrying.

Building frames with Light Gauge Steel goes a long way in keeping you under this weight

Maximum Width etc

The maximum dimensions a transportable tiny home can be built to on a trailer without the need for a special permit is 2.5m wide, 12.5m long (from drawbar to end of the load) by 4.25m high from the ground. Larger than this, up to 3.1m width you need to display flags, over this width you need a pilot vehicle every time you move your tiny home.


It’s a real balancing act deciding on the length as every extra metre:

  • Costs you more
  • Hinders easy towing/maneuvering it around
  • It may is not necessary

Try to think about how much room you actually need. You might be surprised at how much you can fit into your tiny home.

Trailers – Did You Know?

Do you know that if you put tiny homes on trailers that are road-worthy, ie registered and warranted, and don’t connect them permanently to services such as sewage, power etc they can be treated as a ‘motor vehicle’ not a house? As such you won’t need a building permit or resource consent etc any more than a caravan does. If in doubt, we recommend you check your local council regarding the current applicable regulations, as these can change.

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