Small Cabins

We can adjust the opening sizes/positions to suit your requirements.  They are ideal for use as studios, sleepouts, small cabins, sheds and much more.  They are well under the 30m2 rules and will take just an hour or two to stand the frames.

Opening sizes:

Window 900h x 1400w (trim size, frame opening size 920h x 1420w).

Slider 2100h x 1820w (trim size, frame opening size 2120h x 1820w).

Wall heights:

Low side 2420mm

High side 2630mm

Floor and roof panels:

They have a 150mm floor panel for better insulation, or you can order a kit without the floor panel.  Our 150mm floor panels are very strong and will only require two bearers.

The roof is a standard 90mm profile size.  It has a 300mm overhang in front.

Standard Range of Small Cabins

2.4m x 3.6m

We supply all the erecting screws you need to stand the frames as well as the panel screws if you receive one of these small cabins as a flatpack.

2.4m x 4.2m

In addition to the screws for these small cabins, we also supply 100 grommets for the service holes we put through the framing as well as details assembly plans.

2.4m x 4.8m

The stud height of our small cabins is set at 2420mm on the rear wall (low side) to make them easier to line with standard sheets.
Small Cabins from Steel Frames Direct 2420 side
The high side is 2630mm to give the small cabins a 5 degree mono pitch.

Small Cabins from Steel Frames Direct

Learn more about these Small Cabins

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