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Repose, one of our regular cabin customers who now only uses our light gauge steel framing in their builds.

Below is a recent article in the Business Central publication by Sue Russell.


Two enterprising brothers, proudly born and bred in Taranaki, are pioneering a new experience for people wanting a break from the hustle and bustle of life; seeking a time to slow down, experience a less familiar environment and recharge the batteries.

Jack and Max Anderson have created Repose and using their complementary set of skills launched their first Repose cabin experience in rural Lepperton in August.

“We wanted to find a way for people to re-energise and get away from it all, but in a place of beauty, offering new experiences, so we built our first eco-cabin. We settled on rural Taranaki as the spot for our first cabin,” Jack says.

Those wanting a break can access this unique accommodation experience through Airbnb.

With a designing background, Jack’s skills have been employed in creating the cabins design, while Max, who studied for a Bachelor of Commerce at Canterbury University, inputs the business and strategic direction.


What is quite unique about Repose is that it not only offers a get-away for holiday-seekers but the company is structured in a way that enables a partnership arrangement to exist between the business and those offering a piece of land for the cabins to be settled on.

“It’s a chance for land-owners to add value to their own situation.”

“Our job is to build the cabins and find locations for them to settle on, while they supply a little piece of ‘their paradise’ for the cabin to rest.”

“It’s a perfect arrangement benefiting everyone,” Max says.”

The first cabin in Lepperton is actually set up on a dairy farm, providing visitors with an opportunity to see a real working farm.

A second cabin is nearing completion and a home for it is being sought, while plans are to commence building a third cabin later in the year.

“We wanted to find a way for people to re-energise and get away from it all, but in a place of beauty, offering new experiences, so we built our first eco-cabin.”

A lot of careful thought has gone into the simple design, with quality fixtures and fittings that ‘fit’ into the look and feel of the space inside. The first cabin has been operational since 1st August and, not surprisingly, is fully booked until the end of October. With very few spots left before Christmas.

What’s really behind the initiative is the idea that visitors are not only enjoying a unique place to stay, but are having a new experience.

“Our first cabin on the dairy farm offers those booking into the cabin the chance to see a real working farm in action.”

The cost to stay per night in the Lepperton cabin is $150 and Max and Jack hope to find unique environments throughout New Zealand in time.

“It’s a case of getting the message out to land-owners that this is a real win-win value-add for them and we’re certainly interested in hearing from anyone who would like to understand how the partnership works in detail. Anyone wanting to explore the possibility of hosting a cabin on their land can email us as, ” says Max.

Goals have been set as well. By the end of next year, the plan is to have five cabins operational.

Repose is also competing in the annual national Resene Tiny Homes competition, where the public can vote for their favourite space. By mid-September, with a week or so to go,  Repose, was winning on votes received in the DIY category.

Sitting behind the design and construction of the cabins is a low-impact philosophy, something Jack says, is important for potential hosts to understand.

“Our cabins have minimal impact on the land. They’re on a trailer and can be easily moved around. They are not large in size but have been really well-designed so there’s a feeling of plenty of space.”

Asked for future sites of interest Max says the idea of having a Repose cabin in a winery is very appealing.

“When you think about all the ways land is used these days, there’s a lot of possibilities for where our cabins could be sited.”

For Max and Jack, there’s a real feeling of pioneering a new way to enjoy the outdoor spaces, make a successful business from it and add value to existing land-owners, who want to share their own success with visitors.


Check out their website: or for bookings

Repose Cabins - light gauge steel from Steel Frames Direct


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