Recent Mezzanine Client

Here we have a 5m x 7.4m mezzanine with stairs and a balustrade for a client that has an under height of 2.7m as it had to clear some piping above the toilet/kitchen block.  It is a standalone design as the client will move when the lease is up and take it with him.

It is interesting to note that the client and a couple of mates put the mezzanine up.  This particular client was a referral from another client who also put his own mezzanine up.

Our design team had the drawings done in two days, it was manufactured and delivered within eight days following.  And the client had it up, lined and flooring down over a weekend.  In one of the photos below you will see some wiring and our green grommets (we supply the grommets with your framing for the service holes we can put through the framing).  With your mezzanine frame kit, we supply the erecting screws to stand the framing.  If you’re in the South Island where we have to send your framing down as a flatpack, we also supply the additional screws to make the  beams and joists etc up along with detailed component assembly plans.  Check out these videos on how to assemble the frame components if you receive them as a flatpack.

If you would like to see this particular mezzanine below and speak to the client, we can arrange it.

Extra Space

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