Public Storage units – complete design, manufacture and install.

Owning and running a public storage unit business can be lucrative for those with the right resources.

With the right storage software and business plan, you can generate a steady income from your storage unit business. Intelligent public storage marketing strategies can also help you attract customers and turn them into repeat clients.

Seeking a self-storage business in a high-demand location will increase your chances of maximising profits even if your prices are low. Similarly, consider providing extra services that your consumers could appreciate. You could, for instance, market packaging materials such as boxes and tape like the majority do.

Do it with Light Gauge Steel Framing

Our framing systems are ideal for Public Storage facilities.

Fast installation time so you’re up and running earning a good return on your investment.

Overall, the economy’s expansion, the rise in household income and size, and the increase in population are the accurate engines behind the rising need for storage space. With the world’s population expected to keep advancing and the need for storage space growing, this is terrific news for entrepreneurs interested in venturing into the public storage industry.

Public Storage by Steel Frames Direct

6 Factors Influencing the Annual Income From Owning Storage Units

For established self storage facility owners and new investors, understanding the factors influencing annual income is crucial for success.

Here are 6 key factors that can significantly impact annual income from owning storage units:

  1. Location
  2. Unit Size and Type
  3. Rental Rates
  4. Occupancy Rates
  5. Ancillary Services

We’ve manufactured several storage units for clients so they can earn additional income.  Now it’s your turn!

More than just Public Storage Frames

We can also supply steel framing for:

  • General wall frames
  • Roof trusses
  • Floor joists
  • Mezzanines
  • Facade framing
  • Transportable buildings
  • Stand-alone residential
  • Tiny homes
  • Multi-residential
  • Commercial framing
  • Modular & pods
  • Balustrades

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