WasteAway portable septic system

Portable Septic Systems

We’re always pleased to refer great products to our web visitors and customers. These portable Septic Tank Systems are ideal for cabins and tiny homes.

WasteAway portable septic tanks designed specifically for tiny homes and cabins to process all wastewater including sewage from your toilet.  Various models are available.


How They Work

All waste from tiny home or cabin (including toilet) is plumbed into the tank as you would with a normal septic system for a house.

Once the tank fills up a float switch turns the sewage pump inside the tank on and pumps all of the waste out. The pump then switches off automatically until it fills up again.

– The tank is 100% sealed to eliminate odour.

– Built and assembled by a qualified plumber

– Our tanks have 100mm inlets so you don’t have to reduce down to a smaller size at tank connection, therefore blockages are less likely.

– Large 40mm outlet

– Premium quality pump made of stainless steel, has a bigger motor and can pump larger volumes of water.

– Larger tank capacity to dilute waste and pump won’t switch on and off as often.

– Free assistance and advice over the phone

– Extremely well made and built to last.


  • 110litre tank
  • Tank size 600mm high x 480mm wide x 405mm depth
  • 20mm drain tap
  • 1000w pump
  • Pumps approximately 100m horizontally or
  • 8m head height (vertically)
  • 10 metre lead with plug
  • Brass Swing Check Valve
  • 100mm inlet to the tank
  • Quick release union
  • 200mm hatch
  • 40mm outlet from the pump
  • Gas-tight inspection hatch for cleaning and servicing.
  • Tough UV-resistant tanks
  • Designed for above-ground but the bottom quarter of the tank can be buried and filled around with sand.
  • 20-year back to base warranty.

Pump Key Features:

  • Constructed from hard-wearing stainless steel.
  • Capable of pumping 19,000l/hour
  • 1000w motor
  • 10m lead
  • 4-year back to base warranty

The tank and all components are sourced right here in New Zealand and assembled by our qualified plumber.

The 110l model, is our most popular.

We also have a larger 270l model that can be fully buried in the ground and designed for larger dwellings.

We also have smaller pumps available for situations where you are wanting to preserve electricity (if you are on solar for instance).

Normal turnaround time is 7 days from purchase if we don’t already have the tank in stock.

To order or find out more visit this website or call Ross Blair on 027 774 2435.  You can also email.

WasteAway portable septic system