Pod and Co

Tiny Home and Cabin Builders

Small really is beautiful with Pod & Co’s stunning range of tiny homes that make use of every square inch of space and offer the ultimate in functional living.

Designed and built to the highest New Zealand standards by our experienced Licensed Building Practitioners, pods are perfect for singles, couples, retirees, or anyone looking for the freedom and flexibility of a compact home.

Whether you’re a first home buyer, or looking for an office space, granny flat, sleepout, bach, Airbnb or portable pad – Pod & Co has the perfect solution. Buy or rent options are available.

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Want all the home comforts, but on a tiny house budget?

Pods are the perfect answer! They are available to buy or rent at a fraction of the cost of traditional housing. Live, work and play wherever you choose in New Zealand, from the comfort of your own pod.

Affordable: Simplify your life and escape the stress of a hefty mortgage with tiny house living. With the cost of living driving property out of reach for many New Zealanders, our pods are an affordable and stylish housing option.

Quality guaranteed: Get the peace of mind you deserve with Pod & Co compact homes, developed to the highest New Zealand standards and constructed by a skilled team of Certified Builders and Licensed Building Practitioners. We stand behind our pods with a comprehensive three-year workmanship guarantee. Additionally, certain components are covered by extended manufacturers’ warranties.

Reduced bills & environmental impact: Less energy to heat and cool, and less materials to build – our pods have a much smaller environmental impact than traditional homes. And why not talk to us about our solar options to experience off-grid independence? Start your solar-powered tiny home journey today!

Low maintenance lock & leave: We guarantee pods are made of the highest quality materials that are both durable and low maintenance – so you can simply lock and leave.

Portable: Experience the ultimate flexibility with Pod & Co’s portable pods. Take your home with you wherever you go, whether it’s exploring new destinations or temporarily relocating for work.

Site preparation: Pod & Co also offers expert assistance with site preparation, including digger works, foundations and decks.

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