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Mezzanines provide the ideal solution to maximising capacity without the hassle and cost of relocation. They allow you to utilise existing space to create unique storage solutions for your warehouse aside from the principal storage area or expand production and office areas.

We take care of your Mezzanine floor Design and Manufacture of the Framing required. Using our extensive knowledge we’ll help transform your facility with a bespoke mezzanine floor solution so your business can adapt to current changes and be prepared for future changes too.

We can design them to be relocatable.

Here are some recent Mezzanines we have made.  The 3D links take a few moments to load in your browser.

Storage Warehouse Mezzanines

Warehouse mezzanines can optimise the most dominant space taker in your facility. A bespoke mezzanine solution will see your storage areas increase whilst becoming more manageable and less chaotic whilst allowing your business to grow comfortably within the same building. A storage mezzanine floor utilises overhead space by creating an upper-level platform on which storage structures such as warehouse shelving and pallet racking can be incorporated, so is storage mezzanine floor right for you? It could be if you’re looking to increase storage capacity through a sustainable solution that will help streamline a fast-growing operation. Favoured overbuilding extensions or relocations the storage mezzanine is low cost, less time consuming and any disruption is minimal.

Office Warehouse Mezzanine

Transform your warehouse and give your office-based departments the space they need to operate effectively by installing an office mezzanine floor. The overhead platform creates a new space above the main works so this can continue operations without compromise. Or the mezzanine can accommodate offices both below and above the mezzanine level. Either way, your growing office team can be accommodated comfortably without major costs or disruption to the business. The upper level provides great views of the works below and this can be pretty impressive especially to those visiting your warehouse facility. The space can be utilised to form offices, meeting rooms, canteens and staff facilities all of which can be segregated using wall partitioning.

Production Warehouse Mezzanines

With safe weight bearings designed and built into the structure, a production mezzanine floor is sustainable and robust and can accommodate the weight of heavy machinery and equipment. The mezzanine floor can improve any business operation through space utilisation and for the manufacturer it can accommodate production growth within the same building, saving the business time, money and hassle associated with relocating.

Multi-Tier Warehouse Mezzanine

Where there’s enough height space, mezzanine floor levels can be duplicated creating a multi-storey structure. The multi-tier mezzanine floor is the ultimate space saver in a warehouse that has limited floor space, a growing operation and a generous amount of height space.  Each level can be used in the same way or they could have different purposes; for example, offices on the top level and storage on the levels below.

A mezzanine adds value, so is it rateable?

Mezzanines add valueValue and rates go hand in hand. The higher a property value, the higher the rates. A mezzanine floor does add value to a building because it offers more usable floor space however the mezzanine floor is considered a temporary structure. For accurate guidance, it’s advisable to speak to your preferred valuer as the mezzanines permanency and local council regulations are deciding factors.

We can design them to be relocatable so in effect non-permanent.

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(1) size of the mezzanine required, please attach sketches
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(3) can it be fastened to any existing walls or does it need to be fully standalone and/or relocatable at a later date
(4) are there any obstacles to consider like girders
(5) weight-bearing required per m2
(6) what is to be stored on top
(7) how much walkway head height underneath required
(8) are stairs required
(9) are balustrades needed

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