4x Hazard Flags / Safety Flags

FLAGS Set of 4 Hazard Flags / Safety Flags

ONLY $29 for a set of 4 flags, pick up from our factory.

Or we’ll post your flags anywhere in NZ for $35.

  • Ideal for use on loads overhanging a vehicle or trailer during daytime hours.
  • Designed to clearly mark and identity hazards for greater safety.
  • Eyelids in the four corners of the flags for fixing
  • 300mm x 400mm (plus/minus 5mm).

Why pay over $100 elsewhere for a set?

Loads overhanging the vehicle or trailer

Warning devices

If the load (including equipment used to support or retain the load) extends more than 200mm beyond the sides of the vehicle or trailer, or more than one metre beyond the front or back of the vehicle, then you must attach suitable warning device(s) like flags to it.

During daylight you must attach:

  • flags (coloured white or fluorescent red, orange or yellow, at least 400mm long by 300mm wide)


  • standard hazard warning panels (coloured yellow/green with an orange stripe, at least 400mm long by 300mm wide).

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NB, if you get your tiny home frames built up on a trailer here at our yard we’ll give you a complimentary set.

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