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Farm BuildingsFarm buildings are designed to be functional – so different types of farms have different buildings. On a sheep farm the most important building is the shearing shed; on a dairy farm it’s the milking shed. On a cropping farm the implement shed and grain silos dominate – on a horticultural unit, the packing shed does.

As farming practices have changed over the years, the design of farm buildings has also changed.

Farm Buildings come in all different shapes and sizes and that’s why all that we make here in our factory are custom to your specific boat needs.

Below are examples of buildings that we design and manufacture to the exact specifications requested.

Farm Buildings for your Farm

Our dedicated design team will take your sketches (or professionally drawn plans) and make a set of steel framing plans with a 3D link for you to check. And then, once the plans are signed off our manufacturing teams go to work.  Then we deliver your framing right to your door.

What are you after?

Modern farm buildings and implement sheds house tractors, motorbikes, trucks and other machinery. They are long buildings, usually closed in on three sides, consisting of a series of bays.

Sometimes the last bay is closed in completely, and has a raised floor and an external ramp, the height of a truck deck. This bay is used to store chemicals, bags of seed and fertiliser, and other items that need to be locked away or kept out of the weather.

Often one bay is used as a workshop. It usually has a concrete floor and a wide doorway, and is used to store the farmer’s tools, including welding equipment, drill presses and electric saws for engineering and carpentry jobs.

Whatever farm buildings design you need, we can make a frame kit that’ll work for you.

  • Hay Sheds
  • Animal Shelters
  • Implement Storage
  • Hangers
  • Workshops and Lockups
  • Bulk Storage and Produce Sheds
  • Forestry Sheds
  • Staff Accommodation Buildings

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