Plans and Design Services

Plan & Design Services

Our dedicated in-house drafting team, Dave, Jessica, Jesto, Nilo, Ralph and Rowena can start on your project today.

We can design your frames for a Mezzanine, Tiny Home or Minor Structure (under 60m2) from only $750 + gst based on your specs/draft drawings (sketches are fine). For larger homes/residential, we can advise a quote estimate. See more on this at the bottom of this page.

If you would like to modify any of our plans or you have your own existing professionally drawn-up plans, we can enhance them with modifications from $75 + gst per hour.  NB, moving a window or door may be relatively easy, multiple changes however often result in a total re-draw and will be charged accordingly.

Save Time & Money

Below is a couple of sample sketches from two of our dear clients.  We don’t expect your sketches to be to their standard, but the more information we have initially as to where you want your windows and doors positioned and the sizes the better.  Please also include wall heights and any other information you think will help our design team get your drawing done right, possibly the first time – thus saving you time and money.  NB, the second lot of sketches below also indicates North, South, East and West elevations and gives us the heights of the walls, high side, low side thereby enabling us to determine the pitch in the roof.  Again the more information you provide the better for everyone and the less time our designers need to draw your plans, which will save you money.

Contact us today on 0292 888 020 or use our contact form to send an enquiry with your existing design, plans/sketches.

Example 3D Sketch

Larger Designs

Our experienced design team can also create from scratch work for larger homes and the like.

So you have decided to build a new home.  You know what you would like but aren’t really sure if your wants are feasible.  You know what you would like to have but aren’t sure how it all goes together. No matter what type of house plans, together, we take all the information you have and add the advice of our professional architectural designers. Then using state-of-the-art software, you have the opportunity to view not only the house plans layout, but 3D views (take a look at some of our 3D designs here) from inside and out, room by room if necessary, to get everything just right.

Need to know more about our design work and options? Call 09 889 8000 or text us today for more information and pricing on 0292 88 8020 – you can also complete our contact form here.


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