Delivery Vehicles

We have a range of delivery vehicles and trailers to get your frames to you in perfect condition.

And we use a number of carriers for the jobs were larger and more suitable vehicles are required.  Mike and his team from Easy Life Trucking are our preferred carriers as nothing gets broken and delivery is always on time.  If you need something hauled from A to B talk to Mike on 021 241 1923 or email him

Mike and his team do many backloads as well after they deliver our frames all over the country.

Semi is 13m long with a 4.5 ton payload.

T&T 6m truck deck 3.2 ton payload 7.5m trailer deck 2.4 ton payload both tip decks

Small truck 3m truck deck 2 ton payload and 7.5m tip deck 2.4 ton payload and also used to tow caravans and road legal tiny houses etc

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