Steel Frames Direct Delivery Install


We can deliver your frames virtually anywhere in the North Island via road.  South Island deliveries require freight company transportation.

For the North Island, we have a flat fee delivery charge of $1.22+gst per kilometre.

So for example, if a round trip to and from our factory is 390k then the delivery charge would be $475.80+gst.

NB, for Health & Safety reasons we will not allow our team to drive more than 500k in one day.  Please also note, where we cannot deliver frames due to staff shortages and the like, we use alternative freight options which may incur higher costs.

Our frames are delivered as a flatpack when we are not able to deliver them ourselves.  Other freight options may be available to you however including collecting them yourself.


Install (Put Together) Frames

Our highly skilled crew that delivers your frames can also put them up (together) for you if required.

We have a base assembly charge of $750+gst (small tiny home, under 15m2) to erect a set of our frames on your trailer in our yard.  Erecting the frames for larger tiny homes on trailers over 15m2 priced from $750 + gst to $1,200 + gst). Our erecting staff are qualified builders so the job is done right.  Assembly away from our yard we need to quote separately.

These suggested prices are just that, depending on your location and site, pricing may vary.


Need to know more about our delivery and installation options? Call 09 889 8000 or text us today for more information and pricing on 0292 88 8020 – you can also complete our contact form here.

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